What I’m doing right now

Right now I’m in Salem, Oregon actively involved in the church I attend, Brunstad Christian Church of Salem. My church is my life, and that’s what I live for. I spend my time on these things, in this order of priority:

  1. In everything, always, I’m seeking God, together with others and on my own
  2. Growing my business, Legend Web Solutions LLC, with a focus on learning and applying that knowledge. The business also goes under the name Opt-e-Web
  3. Raising funds for my church, Brunstad Christian Church of Salem so I can help all the young guys earn the money to go to Israel in September 2016, and then so that we can have more stable finances for the next generation in the church
  4. Investing in the young guys at the church so they have the foundation they need to go through the rest of their lives
  5. Investing in my future, so I can have a financial foundation for the rest of my life

What’s this page?

Thanks to Derek Sivers, a fantastic entrepreneurial and philosophical writer, I’ve been inspired to write a page describing what I’m doing right now. This page is part of the now movement.